Pack Separately. Ship Together. (PSST

 SanMar's Pack Separately. Ship Together (PSST) program is a collaboration between contract decorators and SanMar to offer high levels of service to Promotional Product Distributors (PPDs). Each day, SanMar consolidates multiple orders heading to the same address, eliminating the need for the PPDs to bundle orders and making it easier for contract decorator to know what's coming and when. While there is an investment required from contract decorators, the program is totally free to PPDs and offers significant savings and opportunities to both 

For PPDs the program offers many benefits including:

Free delivery on all orders

  • Eliminated restock fees
  • 2% spoilage protection coverage
  • Spec sampling discounts* For Screen Printing & Embroidery

The Benefits

 You receive free ground shipping from SanMar to our facility from all distribution centers nationwide. Because we're able to receive all of our SanMar orders in bulk, we can pass along the shipping savings to you. Just make sure to select the PSST ship method when ordering from SanMar. SanMar will hold orders and ship via ground freight to us daily Monday-Friday. There is an early 1PM cut-off for this daily service. All orders after 1pm will ship with the next day’s shipment. 


If you have a time-sensitive order that needs to ship right away, you'll still have the option to ship outside of the PSST program, but then none of the PSST benefits apply on those orders. The choice is yours after considering cost savings with protection or speed to market.  

Individually Packed Purchase Orders The heart of the program - packing purchase orders individually - eliminates the time and energy usually required to unpack and break out orders when they arrive at our facility. Reducing our receiving time, but more important it eliminates potential mistakes and confusion bulk ordering creates as well as the time it takes to reconcile for individual billing 

Exclusive Spoilage Coverage Plan

 If an item gets damaged during embellishment (Screen Printing or Embroidery), you don't have to worry. We work directly with SanMar, on your behalf, to receive credit or reduced rates on replacement product. You'll still need to tell us if you'd like the order held for replacements or if we should ship what we have decorated and complete the replacements separately. 

Reduced Restocking Fees

 Sometimes product has to be returned to SanMar. When that happens, you can minimize or eliminate the extra costs associated with restocking and if it shipped to us via the PSST method to us then there is no original freight costs rebill either!  

Discounted Spec Samples

 When a picture isn't enough, a sample is the perfect option! Another PSST benefit allows you to get decorated SanMar samples at a discount through us - available on brands like Nike Golf, New Era, Red House, OGIO, Eddie Bauer and other private label brands with Screen Printing & Embroidery, Ask us for a form 

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